Vacation Bible School (VBS)

Friday Evenings Bible Study...

5pm @ Bethany Baptist Church of Miami

787 NW 54th Street Miami, Fl 33127

May 2019

Reading from Matthew 4:5-7
Topic: “How can we believers face temptation?”
Taught by Br. Junior Noëlliste

Tell me this, do you believe walking with Christ on the road to spiritual maturity is easy?
Before you answer let me save you the trouble and say no, it is not easy and it was never meant to be. In the second temptation of Jesus in Matthew 4:5-7, we see the devil tempting Jesus to test God by transporting him to the Holy City and the highest point of the temple and by telling him “if you are the son of God, throw yourself down. For it is written: he will command his angels concerning you, and they will lift you up in their hand so that you will not strike your foot against a stone” (Matthew 4:5-6). Jesus fights off the temptation once again by using scripture. War strategies we can learn from the temptation of Jesus when facing the devil:
1. Meditate on the Word of God
2. Take the Word of God seriously
3. Know the Word of God
4. Stand on the Word of God
5. Quote the Word of God as it is
6. Know that we can be VICTORIOUS through the Word of God

Your sister in Christ,

Estefani Alteme

March 2019

Reading from 1st Peter 1:13--Teaching: Sr. Mirlenda
Topic: “REACT”

We react a certain way to the information given to us, such as events in our life and the issues we face. So the question to be asked is: What type of reaction is God expecting from us after everything Peter says in verse 13. Well through a series of questions God wants us to react to every message about him in this manner:
1. What sins MUST I confess?
2. What OLD habits MUST I drop?
Procrastination, Laziness, etc.
3. What NEW habits MUST I form?
• Diligence, gratitude, etc.
If we do not drop our negative habits we allow sin to win by having it continue to enter our lives. And sometimes we have other things supporting our bad habits, such as friends.
4. What promise MUST I BELIEVE?
We need to be in a relationship with the word (if this is not a habit we already have let us develop and make this habit a priority in our lives!)

The word of God is not just information but FOR our transformation, this is the key to transforming your life!

This change will not happen overnight, but do not get discouraged and have patience. Because you need to be the ONE to take responsibility in confessing your sins, dropping your old habits, forming new habits, and believing in God’s promises and he’ll be here to aid you.

Our level of alertness is very low; we’ll most likely tell people about a dream we had before discussing a message that was preached to us. We need to be aggressive when it comes to growing spiritually as Satan is trying to make us stay in the same place in our lives in regard to living in our bad habits and not growing spiritually. Beware Satan’s clutches, rebuke our old habits and take up new habits to protect us from Satan’s grasp.

REACT to the word! The Spirit will do great things in your life!

Your sister in Christ, Estefani Alteme, the Lord is sustaining me by his grace!

We really missed you Friday and are sincerely praying for you!